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Motorcycle Awareness: 4 Tips for Sharing the Road

By Motorcycle Insurance, Personal Insurance, safety tips

Every year, millions of motorcyclists head out on the highways to enjoy the open road.   But while the thrill of cruising on two wheels has definite appeal, it also has a potential downside: safety. So, what can you do? As drivers of cars and trucks, it’s our job to be aware of motorcyclists. So here are four things to remember when we…

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What is Boat Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

By Boat Insurance, Personal Insurance, Seasonal Tips

You cherish your boat, and the memories you make there are the reason your investment is worth every penny. Having the right insurance coverage for your boat can help you float on, worry-free. A boat insurance policy can provide coverage for you and your boat should something unexpected happen. The policy can include coverage for damage to your boat or…

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RV Insurance

By Personal Insurance, RV Insurance, Travel Insurance

Trusted ChoiceRV Trip? Make Happy Trails, Not Painful Travails The concept of sightseeing no doubt predates the invention of the wheel. The cave manequivalent of “Kilroy was here!” has been discovered from the highest mountaintops to thedeepest caves. When the weather is right and the mood strikes, there is clearly something inhumans that cries, “Road trip!” Of course, it is…

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Auto Safety Features Are There For A Reason

By car insurance, Car Safety, Personal Insurance

If you’ve purchased a car in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed several new features designed to help protect you on the roadway. And thanks to that advanced engineering and technology, today’s cars are safer than ever. (Having the right auto insurance can protect you on the road, too.) However, a national survey by Erie Insurance found that not…

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