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Three Reasons to Review Your Insurance Policy in the New Year

By December 29, 2017October 2nd, 2018Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

The New Year is a time when many re-evaluate their health, finances and life goals. This is also an ideal time to review insurance policies. Here are the top three reasons to make sure your family, car, business and home are all sufficiently covered this year.

  1. Additional Coverage:

    Think about all the assets you’ve acquired and life changes you’ve experienced this year. These changes could include purchasing or renovating your home, having a baby or obtaining new valuables. Everything from new furniture to a kitchen upgrade can affect the value of your family’s home and may cause gaps in your current policy.

  2. Insurance You No Longer Need:

    Circumstances and life situations are constantly changing- there could be a chance that you are paying for coverage you no longer need. Did you trade in your sports car for a more sensible family option? Did you downsize your living space? If so, you may be overpaying for coverage. Some insurers will even consider reducing premiums on your policy if you are no longer involved in high-risk sports activities or if you quit smoking.

  3. Better Discounts, Rates or Premiums:

    Insurance premiums frequently change due to things like neighborhood crime rate, recent storms and even fire safeguards in your home. If your home updates last year included things like installing new safety devices, a security system or even a water leak detection system then you may also find new discounts on your homeowner’s policy. Alternatively, you should check for premium increases. While most increases are legitimate and can be explained by your insurance agent, sometimes increases are the result of mistakes. It’s important to note any changes and investigate them.

As you ring in the New Year, be sure to account for all of your life changes in 2017. There may be additional discounts or gaps in coverage. Check out these insurance FAQs if you have any more questions about reviewing your insurance policies.