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7 Outdoor Valuables That Summer Thieves Target

By July 27, 2016October 2nd, 2018Summer


Most people are good about storing indoor valuables, but aren’t as attentive to the ones outside. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, burglaries are most common during the summer months. It’s easy for a thief to steal many of the things that are left out in the open. But, there are many ways for you to protect items outside of your house. Follow these steps to ensure that you won’t be robbed of your outdoor valuables.

  • Air conditioning units. Thieves target these because they can sell the scrap metal (copper coils and metal piping) and make a hefty profit. To ensure that your unit is safe; install a bright, motion-activated security light near your unit.
  • Pool pumps. Your pool area should be fenced off and locked to protect from any accidents that may occur and to keep thieves out. Make sure your pool pump is also in an area covered by bright, motion-activated security lighting.
  • Vacation homes. When you are away from your home, always keep the doors and windows securely locked. You can put interior lights on timers and install exterior lights so that it looks like someone is living there, which will turn thieves away. Consider video cameras that can be monitored on your smartphone or computer.
  • Sheds and garages. Make sure your shed and garage is locked at all times. Be sure to take tools or other valuable equipment inside, making it harder for a thief to steal your belongings.
  • Sports equipment. Summertime calls for many sports like surfing, tennis and kayaking. Secure your sporting goods inside your home if you can. If they are unable to fit in your house, keep them in locked bins inside a garage or shed.
  • Bicycles. A bike chain doesn’t always turn away a thief. With a thin chain, a thief can either take off the wheel or break chain to steal the bike. If you can’t store your bike inside, use a heavy chain and thick padlock, making it harder for a thief to steal your bike.
  • Vehicles. Most experienced car thieves can steal your car in 10 seconds or less! Never leave loose items on the seats or dashboard. If you leave valuables in your car, be sure that they are either in your glovebox or somewhere that isn’t visible to a thief. Use your garage to store your car, if you can. Consider installing a loud alarm system and an anti-theft device.