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How Insurance Protects You Through the Years

life-stagesNo matter what age you are, chances are you have recently experienced a major life change. When you experience one of these momentous occasions, it’s important to make sure that you contact one of our Insurance Agents so that we can help you find the best insurance coverage based on your lifestyle.

  • You begin your college career. Although full-time students are covered under their parent’s homeowners policy, part-time students or those older than 24 may need to get renters insurance. When it comes to car insurance; if you drive a family member’s car, you should already be covered under another insurance policy. If you choose to buy your own car, you are most likely going to need your own policy.
  • You’re renting a home or apartment. In addition to protecting your belongings, a renters policy provides liability protection and additional living expenses if your apartment is damaged and you’re unable to stay.
  • You get married. It may be time to start looking into life insurance. It can be the most affordable way to ensure your spouse is covered if the unthinkable happens. If you have an engagement ring valued at over $3,000, you should invest in separate coverage.
  • You welcome a child into the world. Everyone needs financial protection, so if you didn’t purchase life insurance when you got married, it’s a great time to get more information. Having life insurance will give you piece of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of in an unexpected event.
  • You enter an assisted living facility. A renters insurance policy covers belongings and personal liability if you or a loved one are in an assisted living facility.
If you are going through any of these life changes, contact us by calling 877.567.3749 or 301.937.0400 to set up a free insurance review today.