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7 Security Tips for Your Home

Good home security doesn’t require an expensive system; small changes and habits can help keep thieves out. Try implementing these seven tips for peace of mind.

  • Fake cameras work. If you don’t want to purchase working cameras, you can get a few fake cameras to place around the entrances of your house. Always remember to place security stickers around.
  • Install an alarm system. These are one of the best forms of home protection and hearing an alarm usually sends an intruder running.
  • Fewer windows are better. Windows on the first floor are commonly targets for thieves to enter your house. Invest in blinds and tint your garage door windows so that intruders can’t see if you’re home or not.
  • Make your home look occupied to deter burglars. You can have landscapers come during the day, keep lights on and continue to get your mail.
  • Don’t leave your keys in the mailbox or under a doormat. Wrap your key in foil and keep in a secret spot that only your family knows.
  • Install deadbolt locks. These are much stronger and provide much more protection.
  • Consider your landscaping. Your landscaping can deter criminals or provide a hideout for them. Keep your landscaping trimmed and polished.