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Top 5 Tornado Myths

By March 2, 2012October 2nd, 2018Spring, Summer

There has been a lot of info that has circulated over the years about things to do and not do in the event of a tornado, both in terms of safety as well as things to be on the lookout for. The truth is some of these things are in fact scientific truths whereas many more still remain a myth with no validity to them whatsoever. Things such as opening a window so the pressure does not explode the house due to a pressure differential is one that remains in the myth category. In the time  it takes someone to go through their home and open windows so as to try to “equalize” the pressure in the home (which is a myth), they are risking putting their life in danger by not using that time to seek shelter. The debris that is flying around from a tornado as it approaches a house is going to put holes in the house and windows anyway.

Another common myth is where to seek shelter, both inside a building as well as outside a building. The team at have debunked the top 5 myths about tornadoes.

There are also more safety tips to be found on the Storm Prediction Center’s site at