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5 Surprising Things Covered by Insurance

Surprising things covered by insuranceAlthough it might be obvious what is covered with your life insurance, car insurance and home insurance plans, these policies also cover some surprising circumstances. Here are a few surprising things covered by insurance:



  • Food wasted due to a power outage can be covered in some home insurance policies. Your groceries can be protected up to $500 if the power goes out and none of the food in your fridge or freezer can be salvaged.
  • In some cases, auto liability insurance policies can help a defendant offset attorney fees. This could be a huge help to anyone finding themselves in a sticky situation!
  • For some people, if a doctor recommends using a hot tub for medical reasons, the cost can be offset by health care insurance. Doctor’s orders!
  • However unlikely it may seem, some home insurance policies will cover your home if a meteorite strikes your house!  
  • High profile celebrities will even get their body parts insured! Stars like Mariah Carey, Rihanna and David Beckham all have had their legs insured for anywhere in between $1 million and  $1 billion!

To learn more about what uncommon things may be covered in any insurance policy, connect with one of our awesome agents here!