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Are you covered to get a rental car if you're in an accident

By August 27, 2014October 2nd, 2018Auto Insurance

Have you ever been in an auto accident? If so, chances are your vehicle had to sit in the shop for a few days or a few weeks while the repair process was going on. If this is the only vehicle you own, how will you be able to continue to get to and from work. The answer is rental car insurance. This is typically not a coverage that automatically comes with your auto insurance policy. If you were the not at fault party in the accident, for the other insurance company to set you up with a rental vehicle you would typically have to wait until they accept liability for the accident. This could take a few days at least depending on the situation. Whereas if you have rental car coverage on your own auto policy, you can always file the claim through your respective company and have them  set you up so that you can at least have a means of transportation until your vehicle is repaired. If you are uncertain if you are covered for this, please contact us and we can review your coverages with you.