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Auto Insurance

What’s a Coverage Review (And Why Do I Need One?)

By Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance Review, Personal Insurance
A coverage review is a general check-in with your insurance agent. During the review, you’ll meet with your ERIE agent and share any life changes that could affect your insurance needs. In an ideal world, you’d call your insurance agent every time you finished a home renovation, bought a new vehicle or got a new job. But life is busy. That’s…
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The Ultimate Guide to Company Vehicles: Purchasing, Maintenance and Resale

By Auto Insurance, commercial insurance
Business fleets come in many shapes and sizes from two or three sedans to hundreds of commercial delivery trucks. But they all have one thing in common: they meet the essential transportation needs of the companies they serve. When managed correctly, a fleet of vehicles can help you reduce expenses and improve the efficiency of your business. But if you…
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