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Back to School Insurance 101

By September 11, 2017October 2nd, 2018Home Insurance

When your child moves out of the house and goes away to college, there seems to be an endless amount of questions that come along with it. Will they be safe? Will they make friends? While many questions can’t be answered right away, there are some items you can prepare for in advance. Insurance needs can become confusing during this new stage of your child’s life— allow us to shed some light.

For students under the age of 26 living in a dorm, chances are they are covered by their parent’s insurance. If anything should be stolen or damaged while living in on-campus dorms, most homeowner insurance policies will be in effect.

However, if the student lives off campus then renter’s insurance should be considered. If a rental agreement was signed, then students will be responsible for providing their own rental insurance. In case of fire, theft, vandalism or any other kind of damage, a renter’s insurance policy will help protect your belongings. This is particularly important for students who are constantly using expensive laptops, textbooks or calculators. It is also important to note that sharing renter’s insurance with a roommate can be a tricky situation. For instance, if anything should happen that leaves you both without your valuables, the insurance money will have to be split in half, no matter who had the more expensive possessions.

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