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Do Babysitters Need Liability Insurance?

By August 10, 2018October 2nd, 2018Umbrella Insurance

Whether you’re hiring someone to look after your children while you’re on a much needed date night or regularly for childcare, make sure that your loved ones are fully insured and protected. Ideally nothing will go wrong when you leave your kids with a trusted individual, but it’s best to plan for the unexpected. Adults who have a childcare business should have professional coverage, but normally a teen trying to make a little extra cash will not have insurance. It’s worth your while to inquire into liability insurance coverage, and even to weigh whether to go with a pricier caregiver based on such a factor.

The most significant coverage that should be considered if you’re looking for expanded protection is an umbrella policy. Those who work in your home and for your family less than 35 hours a week should be covered under standard homeowner/umbrella policies. You shouldn’t require a rider for an infrequent babysitter, but check the terms of your policies to be 100% sure. This additional layer of personal liability protection extends past your standard home coverage and includes protection for your vehicles beyond your auto insurance. It is essential to be sure that your family is covered while inside your home and not on your property when they’re under someone else’s care.

On the other hand, hiring a full-time childcare professional or a nanny is more involved as you become that person’s employer. Health insurance, liability insurance, car insurance and workers compensation come into play to be sure that you don’t leave your family or your nanny vulnerable. Regardless of the coverage situation, you will only be able to successfully sue a babysitter if the person behaved negligently and you can prove all the elements of negligence.

Alleviate some of the stress that comes with leaving your children in the trust of other individuals by covering all of your insurance bases. Learn more about umbrella insurance options here.