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New Seatbelt and Cell Phone Laws Coming to Maryland on October 1, 2013

By September 27, 2013October 2nd, 2018Auto Insurance, cellphone

For years the law in Maryland concerning seatbelts has been to “Click It Or Ticket”, and the use of a hand held cell phone while driving a motor vehicle has been that if you were doing something else that you should not be doing while on the roadway, you had best put away the cell. Now as of October 1, 2013, MD is cracking down even harder on both of these items. In less than a week, anyway in the vehicle without their seatbelt on can receive a ticket regardless of if any other violations have been observed by law enforcement, and if you happen to be seen still talking on a hand held device, be prepared to receive a ticket for this also even if you were not doing anything else wrong.

Seatbelts are meant to save lives and prevent serious injury should an accident occur and using a cell phone, especially the hand held variety, can present itself as being a major distraction to the driver. Stay safe out there.