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Top Pet Peeves of Motorcyclists

Top Pet Peeves of MotorcyclistsGoing hog wild on a motorcycle takes some serious guts. While those who brave the bike are type casted as rebels of the road, an online survey by Erie Insurance showed that their pet peeves were focused mainly on riding safety. Bikers are concerned for the safety of themselves, other riders, and even those in four wheeled vehicles.

56% of motorcyclists said that their number one pet peeve is other riders who drive aggressively or recklessly. This refers to cyclists that participate in speeding, weaving in and out of traffic or doing wheelies. This is followed by riders who pass on the shoulder, bikers who ride in between the lanes of stopped traffic and riders who do not wear protective gear. Other four-wheeled pet peeves include texting and driving, aggressive driving, tailgating and failing to use turn signals.

This survey goes to show how important it is for drivers of all kinds to share the road, and look out for fellow drivers. Accidents can be prevented by always using caution on the road. For more information on the survey results, visit