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4 Signs It’s Time to Breakup with Your Car

By February 14, 2018October 2nd, 2018Auto Insurance, Uncategorized

Time to Breakup with Your CarWith Valentine’s Day on the horizon, many of us are taking a good, hard look at our relationships. Is this person right for me? Do they treat me the way I deserve to be treated? While you may be asking these questions of your significant other, you’re probably overlooking a relationship also worth examining— the one with your vehicle. Check out these four tried-and-true signs to determine if it’s time to break up with your car!

  1. Your Repairs Cost More Than the Value of Your Car

Even if you’ve had a healthy relationship with your car and have only had a few minor accidents, you’re still going to put money into it just to keep it running. If these repairs or updates are more expensive than the value of your car, then it’s time to move on and start putting the money into a new relationship.

  1. Your Safety Has Become a Concern

Vehicle safety should be your primary concern. If your car is lacking the safety features new cars consider standard, then it’s time for a breakup. Safety features like precision brakes, rearview cameras and advanced airbags are all crucial in keeping you and your passengers safe. If your car missing a few of these, then it’s time to part ways.

  1. Your Lifestyle Has Changed

In any relationship, changes occur and both partners must adapt. If your family has increased in size, your work commute has changed or you’ve developed a new hobby that requires additional trunk space, make sure your vehicle adjusts with you. Moving on to a new vehicle can be considered a mutual breakup since there’s a chance your car can be someone else’s new love.

  1. Your Ride Cannot Pass Inspection

Some states have stricter inspections than others, but if your car isn’t passing inspection, it’s time to consider a breakup. Tickets for driving a car that hasn’t passed inspection, repairs and new parts all add up fast and could be better spent towards a new car.

Breakups can be tough, but if your car is showing any of these signs then it may be time to move on. Click here to request an auto quote so you can ensure your new car will have full coverage.