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7 Tips for Driving in the Rain

By April 4, 2018October 2nd, 2018Auto Insurance, Uncategorized

Safety tips for driving in the rainApril showers bring May flowers, and potentially dangerous driving conditions. Driving in rain, from a light misting to heavy downpour, is almost unavoidable. In some parts of the country, it could even be a daily occurrence! Whether you’re driving yourself or your family, here are our top seven tips for how to keep everyone safe while driving in the rain:

  1. Roads are the most slick when it first starts to rain. This is due to oil run-off from cars being brought to the surface of the pavement by the rain. If you are on the roads during the beginning of a drizzle, be sure to drive accordingly.
  2. Always turn on headlights when it is raining. This ensures that you can see other cars and hazards, and that other drivers can see you!
  3. Drive slower than normal. Giving yourself more time to react to other drivers and the unpredictable weather can be the difference between getting into or escaping an accident.
  4. If you do start to skid on the road, avoid slamming on the breaks because it can cause a driver to lose control of their car. Instead, steer into the skid and avoid other vehicles.
  5. Don’t use cruise control. This feature will make it harder to slow down when it is raining, and especially dangerous if your car hydroplanes.
  6. Avoid puddles on all roads when driving during or after rain. It is always hard to tell how deep a puddle is, and they can be damaging to your tires or car.  
  7. Don’t drive if you don’t have to! While this is not an option for everyone, the less you are on the road during bad weather, the better.

We hate to hear about car accidents in inclement weather. But when the inevitable happens, our agents are here for you! To learn more about car insurance or to speak with an agent, please click here.