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Top 5 Tornado Myths

By Spring, Summer

There has been a lot of info that has circulated over the years about things to do and not do in the event of a tornado, both in terms of safety as well as things to be on the lookout for. The truth is some of these things are in fact scientific truths whereas many more still remain a myth with no validity to…

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Best Job 2012: Insurance Agent

By Auto Insurance

As one of the Best Jobs of 2012, this profession should see significant growth over the next decade. By Philip Moeller February 27, 2012 The Rundown: Insurance agents must be licensed by the states in which they sell insurance products. They usually concentrate on a specific type of insurance, such as auto, home, life, or health insurance. There also is…

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Annuities for Any Budget

By Investment & Retirement

Some people think that annuities are expensive, that you need to have thousands of dollars in the bank to buy into an annuity. While there are some annuities that require a large single payment, Erie Insurance offers many other options that can fit into many budgets: Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity (FPDA): Think of the FPDA as the “pay as you go” model…

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Teens and Texting

By Auto Insurance, Teens

Admit it: putting your 16 year-old kid behind the wheel of a car is one of the most nerve-wracking things you can do as a parent. After all, you remember the first time he rode a tricycle—how can you let him steer a two-ton machine? Most kids do their best to stay safe when they’re driving, but some have a…

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Buildings in Winter

By Business Insurance, Freeze

Winter brings the threat of freezing temperatures and harsh conditions to much of the U.S. Some places are well beyond the threat; it’s going to freeze—there’s no way around it. Such conditions pose unique hazards to commercial building owners. Following is some information on common winter threats and how they are addressed by commercial property insurance. FREEZING/BURSTING PIPES One of…

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Holiday Parties and Food Poisoning

By Fall, Food Poisoning

The holidays are almost here, which means hauling out the holly, stringing up the lights, and dashing through the snow. The holidays also mean lots of fun, festive parties to celebrate the season. These celebrations usually feature an array of delectable foods and tasty drinks that are dangerous to your waistline, but if you’re hosting a party, you have more…

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What if Your Holiday Gifts are Stolen?

By Auto Insurance, Fall

Trusted Choice® insurance agencies urge families to take steps to protect their gifts. ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 7, 2011 — Turn the news on during the holiday season and unfortunately and inevitably, you’ll see stories of how a “Grinch” stole someone’s gifts from a car or from under a Christmas tree. As you do your holiday shopping, Trusted Choice® independent insurance…

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