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Quiz: How Do You Know if a Long-Term Care Policy is Right for You?

By health care, Health Insurance, Insurance, Long Term Care
Even though it’s not something we like to think about, long-term care may likely be necessary at some point in your life. Even more important to note, private health insurance or Medicare may not pay for the long-term services you or your loved ones require. Find out how much you know about long-term care and if it’s the right policy…
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How Much is Renters Insurance?

By Insurance, Renters insurance
The great thing about renting is that you usually don’t have to deal with home improvements, major repairs or mowing the yard. Yet, renting isn’t worry-free. There’s always the chance of a fire, water damage, burglary or some other calamity that could turn your life upside down. If you didn’t have renters insurance, you would find yourself in a deep…
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