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Safety Tips for National Child Safety Protection Month

By Tips from the Insurance Experts, Uncategorized
November is Child Safety Protection Month. Because families are more likely to use heating equipment for their homes in the winter months, house fires spike during this season. A disorganized evacuation can result in confusion, injury and property damage. To keep your children safe this November, here are some tips to create a fire escape plan with your family. Draw…
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8 Workplace Safety Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

By Business Insurance, Uncategorized
When it comes to running your business, there's a lot to handle, so safety may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Employees want the security of a safe work environment and no company wants to be responsible for putting their employees at risk. Although you can't prevent every accident from happening, here are some workplace safety tips to follow to…
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How to Avoid a Rental Scam

By Home Insurance, Uncategorized
Moving to a new city? If so, you may be considering size, cost and location, but have you considered your financial security. Some rental listings can be a scam. Scammers advertise rentals that don’t exist or aren’t available to trick people into sending money before they find out what's happening. Knowing how rental scams work and how to avoid them…
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Fitness Trackers Could Pose Identify Theft Risks

By Uncategorized
Approximately 45 percent of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions. And of those people, 66 percent of them set fitness goals as part of their resolutions. In an attempt to get a kick-start on these 2016 resolutions, a lot of consumers purchased fitness trackers during the holiday season. According Pew Research Center recently announced that 60 percent of Americans now…
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5 Ways to Prevent Road Salt from Affecting Your Car

By Auto Insurance, Uncategorized
Snow covered roads. Whiteouts. Black ice. All are situations that everyone is not looking forward to this winter. Unfortunately, with the colder weather on its way, there is a chance that we will all experience one or all of these road conditions. Road salt definitely helps make the roads safer. A study conducted by Marquette University found that de-icing winter roads…
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10 Tips to Ensure Child Safety in Your Home

By Uncategorized
November is Child Safety & Protection Month, a campaign dedicated to creating awareness about potential dangers children face in everyday situations and to provide ways to prevent any dangers. Every year, about 2.3 million children are accidentally injured and more than 2,500 are killed. We've put together some tips to help child-proof your home: Install safety gates. Use a hardware-mounted safety gate at the…
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