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Tips from the Insurance Experts

Do You Need Identity Theft Recovery Coverage?

By Tips from the Insurance Experts

Today’s climate has cultivated a need for awareness around protecting all aspects of your health and home, but many of us overlook the vulnerability of something that is increasingly becoming more at risk: our identity. Abducting one’s information and claiming it as their own seems like something that merely happens in futuristic spy thrillers, but in 2015 alone, more than…

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Safety Tips for National Child Safety Protection Month

By Tips from the Insurance Experts, Uncategorized

November is Child Safety Protection Month. Because families are more likely to use heating equipment for their homes in the winter months, house fires spike during this season. A disorganized evacuation can result in confusion, injury and property damage. To keep your children safe this November, here are some tips to create a fire escape plan with your family. Draw…

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Protect your Family with Umbrella Insurance

By Tips from the Insurance Experts, Umbrella Insurance

While we never want to think about a crisis happening to us, umbrella insurance can give you the peace of mind that your family and lifestyle are protected. Umbrella insurance, also known as personal excess liability coverage, is insurance used to supplement other insurance policies you already own in the face of a crisis. Anyone who owns a home, car,…

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